Knuckleball a rare sight for Giants

Knuckleball a rare sight for Giants

LOS ANGELES -- The Giants are in for an unusual experience Saturday when they face Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Charlie Haeger, who favors a knuckleball.

Haeger, 26, has appeared twice against the Giants in relief, allowing one earned run in 1 1/3 innings.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy acknowledged that trying to hit a knuckleball becomes a see-the-ball, hit-the-ball exercise.

"You have to make sure you let it travel and don't commit too early," Bochy said. "Then you swing and hope."

Giants veterans have had mixed success against the few knuckleballers they've faced. For example, Aaron Rowand owns a .647 lifetime average (11-for-17) against Tim Wakefield, while Bengie Molina's hitting .350 (7-for-20) off him. Juan Uribe (.250, 3-for-12), Edgar Renteria (.176, 3-for-17) and Aubrey Huff (.164, 9-for-55) have been less productive against Wakefield.

Against retired knuckleballer Steve Sparks, Renteria was 3-for-5, Rowand 2-for-8, Uribe 1-for-2, Molina 0-for-6 and Huff 0-for-2.