Molina eschews clashing gloves

Molina eschews clashing gloves

LOS ANGELES -- Bengie Molina loves the added cushioning he receives from a new line of batting gloves.

But Molina won't wear the gloves, which are produced by a company known as XProTeX, in a regular-season game. A significant portion of the extra padding is tinted yellow, which would clash with the Giants' orange-and-black color scheme.

"You can use it," said Molina, who employed the gloves during offseason and Spring Training batting-practice sessions, "but you want to look good."

Molina observed that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland A's, whose uniforms include gold or yellow, wouldn't have to give the gloves a second thought.

"They feel great," Molina said. "... I think it's a great invention if they find a way to put them in the right [team] colors."