Aurilia officially announces retirement

Aurilia officially announces retirement

SAN FRANCISCO -- It has been obvious since the end of last season that Rich Aurilia's career as an active player was over. But the ex-infielder refrained from officially announcing his retirement until this weekend, as he attended the reunion of the Giants' 2000 National League West division championship team at AT&T Park.

Aurilia said Sunday that he has asked his agent, Barry Axelrod, to call Giants president Larry Baer on Monday "and basically tell him, 'Hey, I'm done.'"

Aurilia is expected to remain with the Giants in some capacity, perhaps as a part-time radio or television commentator. He already has provided commentary for Spring Training programming and last Friday when the Giants played their home opener.

Aurilia, 38, admitted that had mixed feelings about officially stepping aside as a player.

"It's weird being around here, man," Aurilia said. "I wanted to grab a bat in the 11th inning the other day when they had guys on third with less than two outs. I miss being around the guys and I miss the competition, but everything else I'm OK with. It's time for a different phase of my life. I'm actually handling it better than I thought I would, which is good."