Giants Launch Candlestick Memories Program

The Giants have partnered with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to provide fans with the opportunity to own the historic orange and red seats from Candlestick Park through the Candlestick Memories program.

Fans can go to to purchase pairs of seats from the park that was home to the Giants from 1960-1999. Seats can be purchased as is or with the autographs from a pair of their favorite Candlestick Park legends, including Willie Mays and Willie McCovey; Willie Mays and Joe Montana; Joe Montana and Dwight Clark; Willie McCovey and Will Clark; and Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Prices range from $749 to $3,500.

Proceeds from the sale of the Candlestick Park seats will benefit SF Recreation and Park's Scholarship Fund which provides recreation programming to all children and families in San Francisco.

"We are really pleased that through this partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks, we can provide our fans with the opportunity to own a piece of the place associated with generations of Giants' memories," said Mario Alioto, Giants senior vice president of business operations. "For those generations of Giants fans whose memories include either all or any portion of those 39 seasons at Candlestick, they likely made or witnessed Giants' history sitting in one of Candlestick's seats."

The list of memorable Candlestick moments is vast. A few of the highlights include, Opening Day on April 12, 1960; the Giants' careers of Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry;  the infamous blowing off of the mound of Stu Miller during the first-ever MLB All-Star Game at Candlestick; the first all-brother outfield to play in a Major League game with Jesus, Felipe and Matty Alou; the debut of Masanori Murakami in 1964 who became the first Japanese player in the Major Leagues; Joe Montana's throw of the winning touchdown pass to Dwight Clark, The Catch, in the 1982 NFC Championship Game; the 49ers five Super Bowl Championships; Dave Dravecky's miraculous return to baseball after discovering a cancerous tumor on his pitching arm on Aug. 10, 1989 pitching eight innings to defeat Cincinnati 4-3; the earthquake interrupted World Series of 1989; the careers of Will Clark, Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell, Rod Beck, Mike Krukow and Bobby and Barry Bonds to name just a few of the great Giants; Brian Johnson's home run in the 12th inning to move the Giants into a first place tie with the Dodgers in September 1997; and the "Tell It Goodbye" season of 1999.