Giants downplay effect of center-field change

Giants downplay effect of center-field change

SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants center fielder Angel Pagan disputed the notion that batted balls carry farther at AT&T Park now that a portion of the back outfield wall below the batter's eye has been removed to accommodate a vegetable garden that will open in mid-June.

Some observers believe the opening enables wind to flow more freely from home plate through the outfield, thereby adding distance to drives.

Pagan regarded that theory as a bunch of hot air.

"The only way they can find out is if they play there. And I don't think so," Pagan said Monday. "AT&T Park is a ballpark where the wind goes in circles. The flags could be blowing straight out, but inside the ballpark it's circular."

Manager Bruce Bochy agreed with Pagan.

"I can't say I've noticed," Bochy said. "We've hit a couple of balls that I thought would carry farther and they didn't. I think if you give it more games, I'll tell you for sure."

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