Posey reserving comment on home-plate rule

Posey reserving comment on home-plate rule

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Giants manager Bruce Bochy and catcher Buster Posey, two of the more prominent figures in the push to prevent catchers from unnecessary harm, remained mostly mum as rules designed to preserve catchers' physical safety were adopted Monday.

Posey, who sustained extensive left leg injuries in a home-plate collision with Florida's Scott Cousins in May 2011, wanted to study the new rule more thoroughly before commenting.

"I want to look at it some," Posey said.

Asked recently about the potential of this rule to become known as the "Posey Rule," Posey replied, "I try to keep myself out of the conversation as much as I can. Because I know people are going to connect me to it regardless."

Though Posey's misfortune thrust Bochy into the spotlight as an advocate for protecting catchers, he actually was moved to action by an April 16, 2003, incident in which Brian Jordan of the Dodgers plowed into Padres catcher Gary Bennett.

"I thought he was paralyzed," said Bochy, a former Major League catcher who was managing the Padres at the time.

Minutes before the rule was announced Monday, Bochy reiterated, "These guys [baserunners] are getting bigger, faster, stronger. I'm all for it."

Giants backup catcher Hector Sanchez supported the change.

"Now you can feel more comfortable because you know the runner isn't going to hit you," he said.

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