Posey recalls his round at Augusta National

Posey recalls his round at Augusta National

CHICAGO -- Buster Posey can identify with the participants in the Masters golf tournament, having walked the same ground they're treading this weekend.

Posey, a golf enthusiast, was fortunate enough to play Augusta National Golf Club in Nov. 2011 with his father. This experience was made possible by a member of the club who happens to work with CAA, the agency which represents Posey.

"What stuck out for me was obviously the beauty of it," Posey said Saturday. "I wasn't even there when everything was blooming. That's how well-manicured everything was."

Posey recalled shooting a 93. "Not the best, but respectable enough," the Giants catcher said.

Posey also remembered the course's unique challenges.

"I felt like a lot of the lies going to the green were downhill, and then the green was elevated, making your approach shot difficult," Posey said.

He added that attempting to read the greens was like trying to read an obscure foreign language.

"If I hadn't had a caddy, I would have shot 150, because there's so much deception," Posey said. "You can look at a putt and it looks like it's going uphill and the caddy would say, 'Putt this one like it's downhill,' because of the way the green was growing."

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