Torres snaps in return in action

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Even the eternally pleasant Andres Torres has his breaking point.

After striking out for the second straight time in the fourth inning of Monday's Cactus League game against Texas, Torres broke his bat over his knee in sheer fury.

Playing his first spring game since returning from an oblique injury and his third game overall, Torres went 0-for-4 in the Giants' 2-1 victory.

"I just got mad," Torres said. "I just reacted, you know?. ... Sometimes you have to let it go, once in a while. Everybody gets mad."

Asked about the condition of the knee that he used as a fulcrum, Torres responded, "My knee's fine. The bat is broke."

Torres recalled breaking a bat in anger as recently as last year, but that happened in the privacy of an indoor batting cage.

If nothing else, the switch-hitter commanded his teammates' attention.

"I've seen him do it a few times," left-hander Madison Bumgarner said. "He's pretty strong."

Said catcher Buster Posey, "That was impressive, wasn't it?"

Manager Bruce Bochy looked beyond Torres' anger and saw a player who must regain his hitting stroke. The Giants signed Torres to a one-year, $2 million contract to serve as their top reserve outfielder.

"He needs playing time," Bochy said. "We need to get him out there as much as we can."

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