Giants share Easter memories

Giants share Easter memories

SAN DIEGO -- For some ballplayers, Easter might seem like more of a nice concept than an actual holiday.

Easter inevitably falls during Spring Training or early in the regular season, preventing many players from properly observing one of the most significant days on the Christian calendar.

But players have memories, so they retain a sense of what makes Easter special. On Sunday, a handful of Giants shared their favorite Easter recollections.

Aaron Rowand: "We used to go to my grandmother's house in Santa Clarita and have an Easter egg hunt in her backyard every year. All the cousins, [Tampa Bay pitcher] James Shields, his brothers, me. There were 16 of us grandkids. Some of the eggs were in plain sight. In one of them, they put $100. So if you were the one to find the lucky egg ... I never found that one."

Alex Hinshaw: "Going Easter egg hunting at my grandmother's house. She would always hide one special egg that had five bucks in it. There would be a bunch of little eggs, everywhere, that were in plain daylight. My cousins and I would always think, 'Maybe that's the egg that has five bucks in it.' Three years in a row I found that egg. I was always the tallest one, so she would always hide it somewhere up high so I couldn't see it.

"The third year I found it, my dad tried to get sneaky and went out there before the kids did and put it in his back pocket. I was looking everywhere. I remember my dad bending over and laughing and the egg was sticking out of his back pocket. So I walked over and said, 'Found it. Dad's laying an egg.'"

Nate Schierholtz: "It was a day with the family. We'd go to church, spend the day together and usually have a nice dinner. It was always nice to be with the family. Those were always my favorite times of the year, whether it was Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas."

Barry Zito: "I think it was like a culmination of memories from my childhood, from the church where my mother was a minister. We'd go to Sunday school and have an Easter egg hunt. It was a cool vibe. Then Easter brunch -- we'd always go have big, nice meals at restaurants."

Jeremy Affeldt: "My memory is of why Easter's Easter -- the resurrection of Jesus Christ."

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