Quick scoring helps propel Giants to 3-0 Series lead

Quick scoring helps propel Giants to 3-0 Series lead

Quick scoring helps propel Giants to 3-0 Series lead
DETROIT -- Long, long ago, the Giants trailed in a game.

The scene was Busch Stadium in St. Louis, circa Oct. 18. The Cardinals closed out Game 4 of the National League Championship Series with an 8-3 victory to claim a 3-1 series lead. Ten days and 54 innings have since elapsed, and the Giants have yet to face another deficit.

A binge of quick scoring has staked San Francisco to a string of early leads, which have proven to be plenty of backing for the club's stout pitching. The Giants have scored in the first or second inning in four of their last six contests.

"That's a recipe that [gives] you a good shot," said Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti. "As you watched our team over the year, the way this team is built, we've been able to come from behind better than we've ever done before, too. I think we're just a dangerous club either way."

Righetti hesitated to contextualize the Giants' recent mastery on the mound, in fear of jinxing the staff. San Francisco has yielded just five runs during its six-game winning streak.

"We have to pitch to win," Righetti said. "That's what you always have to do. The guys understand that."

Giants skipper Bruce Bochy said Sunday that when he joined the organization in 2007, he and general manager Brian Sabean discussed transforming the team from one that boasted a powerful lineup to one predicated on pitching. The adjustment has paid its dividends.

"When you're playing the clubs that you play in [the] postseason, you have to execute," Bochy said. "You have to make your pitches. And these guys have been consistent doing it."