Giants debating position player-pitcher breakdown

Giants debating position player-pitcher breakdown

Giants debating position player-pitcher breakdown
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Giants are continuing to mull the final details of their 25-man roster for the National League Division Series, with manager Bruce Bochy saying Thursday that a final decision will likely be announced Friday.

Among the decisions the Giants will have to make is the balance between position players and pitchers on the roster, with the Giants likely having to decide between taking 13 or 14 position players.

"We pretty much have it in our heads which way we're going to go, but we still have a little bit of time before we make that decision," Bochy said. "And of course, a lot depends on which way we go on the position side -- whether we go with, for example, an extra catcher, [Aubrey] Huff, [Francisco] Peguero, those guys here. So we'll announce that probably the next day or so."

Outside of their usual starters, Bochy said Ryan Theriot, Joaquin Arias, Hector Sanchez and Xavier Nady will be on the roster, with all of them being right-handed batters besides Sanchez, who is a switch-hitter. Huff is a candidate to make the roster as a left-handed pinch-hitting option, though Huff's addition to the roster likely means the Giants would want to add another speed option as well, such as Peguero, Justin Christian or Emmanuel Burriss. "So that's what we're talking about, making sure we're covered on the left side," Bochy said. "We know they have some good lefties on the back end of the bullpen. They also have a good righty. So you want to make sure you're covered."

Bochy has also said the Giants will take all five starters on their roster, though only four will start, with one being used out of the bullpen.

The addition of a starter in the bullpen, Bochy said, will not alter his committee approach to his relieving corps, with Sergio Romo, Javier Lopez, Jeremy Affeldt and Santiago Casilla continuing to get the bulk of the late-inning work.

"We'll use everybody, and we've done a great job doing it," Bochy said. "We now have at least have one long guy to help us in the bullpen and give us coverage there, but I'm not really going to be making any changes now because it's been working. Romo, Lopez, Affeldt and Casilla will all be used in the eighth and ninth, and possibly the seventh."