Petaluma Little League team visits AT&T Park

Petaluma Little League team visits AT&T Park

SAN FRANCISCO -- Around a dozen kids were ecstatic to be on a Major League field and interacting with Major League players, while the players, in turn, were excited to meet the Little Leaguers who captivated baseball fans throughout the state in late August.

Players from the Petaluma National Little League team were at AT&T Park on Wednesday in a special visit arranged by the team, getting recognized before the game for their run in the Little League World Series in which they placed second in the U.S. bracket and third overall.

"Coming to a Major League field, this is something that they'll cherish," Petaluma coach Trevor Tomei said.

Several Giants players came over to the Petaluma players during batting practice to introduce themselves, congratulate them and sign autographs. The Petaluma players, many of whom are Giants fans, stayed to watch the Giants play the Rockies as they look to embark on a World Series run of their own.

"That's one of the things that you work for, and they put in the time and effort and they got there," Hunter Pence said.