Pagan sits with nagging finger callous

Pagan sits with nagging finger callous

Pagan sits with nagging finger callous
DENVER -- After tying Willie Mays and Steve Finley for the San Francisco triples record in Tuesday's game against the Rockies, Angel Pagan was out of the lineup with a minor hand injury for Wednesday's rubber match, nursing a callous on his right index finger that is particularly troublesome when batting from the right side of the plate.

"I've had it pretty much the whole year," Pagan said Wednesday. "If we have today off and tomorrow [is an off-day], it'll make it better. It's the kind of thing that it could split right open. It could heal in a couple days, but it could split right open again. We're just trying to get it treated the right way, so whenever we play it doesn't open again."

The Giants started an unusual stretch facing four left-handers in a row beginning Wednesday and throughout the three-day series in Arizona, so giving Pagan a couple of days to let the callous heal before the Arizona series should help him in the long run.

Pagan hits slightly better against right-handers, hitting .294 (106-for-361) from the left side and .280 (49-for-175) from the right, with four home runs from each side of the plate.

"It's on his right hand, so he feels it more from his right side," manager Bruce Bochy said Wednesday. "If he needs to play today, he can go out there. He took at an at-bat against a left-hander yesterday."

Pagan said it hasn't been aggravated recently, but the dryness typical of Colorado and Arizona could potentially make it worse.

"It's pretty raw right now," Pagan said. "Whenever I hit from the left side, it's OK, because the finger's on top, but when I hit from the right side, it puts pressure on it. I can play, but they want to make it better, thinking of the rest of the season."