Looking to contribute, Theriot gives outfield a try

Looking to contribute, Theriot gives outfield a try

LOS ANGELES -- Ryan Theriot, who at least temporarily has lost his second-base job to Marco Scutaro, has begun sharpening his skills in the outfield in an effort to find a way to contribute for the Giants.

"From a team standpoint, you want to be able to try everything you can to help," said Theriot, who has made 853 Major League appearances as an infielder and six as an outfielder -- including a two-inning stint in left field on April 11 at Colorado.

"I've always been one of those guys who enjoys doing different things," Theriot said Tuesday. " ... The key is being able to play it effectively."

Theriot seemed to sense that he might not leave the bench much for the rest of the season, especially considering he's hitting .265 while Scutaro entered Tuesday batting .330 in 23 games with the Giants.

Manager Bruce Bochy, who has scrambled for a left fielder since Melky Cabrera's suspension Aug. 15, indicated that he'll keep all options open for that spot -- except for Brandon Belt, who started 30 games in left last year but hasn't played there at all this season.