Pagan a believer in working overtime

Pagan a believer in working overtime

Pagan a believer in working overtime
DENVER -- Following his three-hit, four-run effort in the Giants' 16-4 rout Friday over the Colorado Rockies, Angel Pagan couldn't have been blamed for kicking back and relaxing.

Instead, he headed for the Coors Field weight room for a brief but diligent workout.

Pagan is among numerous players who include this type of extra work in their daily regimen.

"It's very important to maintain yourself through the whole year," the center fielder said Saturday. "You work so much in the offseason, but the only way it'll pay off is if you maintain it."

During the season's first half, Pagan's more likely to get his extra exercise during mornings.

"But coming down the stretch, I want to do it after the game, so I can have more rest and get ready for the game the next day," he said.

Pagan, who began this routine as a Minor Leaguer in the Mets system, emphasized that these aren't punishing workouts. He estimated that he probably lifts weights and performs strength and flexibility exercises at about 65 percent of his usual intensity.

But his objective is to perform at 100 percent in each day's game.

"It's not only for that year. It's for your whole career," said Pagan, 31. "If you want to last 10, 12, 15 years, you have to maintain your body. Because you're not getting any younger."