Bumgarner to kick off Giants' second half

Bumgarner to kick off Giants' second half

PITTSBURGH -- Madison Bumgarner. Tim Lincecum. Matt Cain. That's what the top of the Giants' rotation will look like for the second half of the season, manager Bruce Bochy announced Saturday.

Bochy said the Giants are still deciding whether to have Barry Zito or Ryan Vogelsong follow Cain, who is third in the rotation so he'll have "a chance to catch his breath" following the All-Star Game and all its baggage. Bumgarner gets to go first because he will have had the most time off.

Bumgarner and Zito are both lefties, but because their styles are so different, Bochy said, "It wouldn't be a big deal to [have them] go back to back."

When asked which of his starters needs the All-Streak break most, Bochy replied, "I don't think any of them do. I really don't. Vogey's fine. They're all fine. Really, Timmy's throwing well in his 'pens. 'Pens aren't what he needs right now. He needs to keep going out there."

San Francisco's second-half rotation will kick in July 13 for a three-game home set against the Astros.