Giants give Posey rest in opener vs. Dodgers

Giants give Posey rest in opener vs. Dodgers

Giants give Posey rest in opener vs. Dodgers
SAN FRANCISCO -- Down-the-road considerations trumped short-term benefits for Giants manager Bruce Bochy on Monday, with the skipper sitting Buster Posey in the series opener against the Dodgers.

Hector Sanchez started at catcher Monday to handle starter Barry Zito as he has done all season.

"I just talked to him and he's doing fine," Bochy said of Posey. "I know he feels it a little bit; he's honest. He doesn't want to sit, but at the same time, he knows it'll be better for him to occasionally get [time off] a little bit."

Bochy had said over the weekend that he was planning on sitting Posey on Monday, but said after Sunday's 4-2 loss to the A's that Posey could get the start. Even with the division-leading Dodgers in town, valuing Posey's durability and health was the deciding factor to sit Posey and start Sanchez.

"To make a move like this, you have to remember where you're at -- it's June," Bochy said. "You don't ever want to wear a player down to the point where it takes a few days to get a player back."

Sanchez has backed up Posey and acted as Zito's personal catcher, but Bochy said that giving Posey the game off was behind his thought process more so than keeping the Sanchez-Zito duo together.

"I was close to catching Buster," Bochy said. "That's not as big of a factor as Buster needing a day, more so than Sanchez catching Zito. I even thought about changing that up because Barry's had a few tough starts, [try to] break that up a little bit."