Sanchez in good humor after painful at-bat

Sanchez in good humor after painful at-bat

SAN FRANCISCO -- During his seventh-inning at-bat in Sunday's 2-0 win against the Cubs, catcher Hector Sanchez fouled back-to-back pitches off his left leg, taking substantial time after them to try to walk off the pain.

"He's got a great cutter," Sanchez said with a pain-filled smile about Cubs pitcher Travis Wood.

Sanchez got a standing ovation from the AT&T Park crowd after he stayed in the game and eventually flied out to center.

"If I [had] hit it in the gap, it would have been a single," Sanchez said.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Sanchez has a contusion below his knee, and Sanchez said that he didn't need to take X-rays and just iced his leg after the game.

"I just have two knees right now," Sanchez said, pointing to a swollen bump on his leg below the knee.