Movie on former Giant Torres gets screening

Movie on former Giant Torres gets screening

SAN FRANCISCO -- The documentary film chronicling the life of former Giants outfielder Andres Torres is near completion.

"Gigante," which tells the tale of Torres' struggles with ADHD, will be presented in a test screening Thursday night at the New York University School of Medicine. Will Chang, one of the principal partners in the Giants' ownership group, is one of the film's executive producers.

Chusy Jardine, who's writing, producing and directing the film, said in an email interview that this event will help shape the final product.

"Depending on the audience response and feedback, we will go back to the editing room to address communication issues and so on," Jardine said.

Jardine said that he and others reconsidered the film's title after the offseason trade that sent Torres and right-hander Ramon Ramirez to the New York Mets.

"It also added a chapter of possible change for Andres as he takes more assertive steps to deal with his disorder as he suits up with his new team," Jardine said.