Giants make no trades before Deadline

Giants make no trades before Deadline

SAN DIEGO -- Rather than dwell on players he couldn't obtain as Thursday's Trade Deadline passed, Giants general manager Brian Sabean focused on the players the club still has, particularly the younger ones.

The Deadline's expiration reduced the Giants' urgency to play veterans, such as infielder Rich Aurilia and shortstop Omar Vizquel, who were in the lineup virtually every day as the Deadline approached. Finding no takers for Aurilia, whose versatility could have helped many clubs, or Vizquel, whose superb glove might come in handy down the stretch for a contender, Sabean plans to meet with members of his staff and manager Bruce Bochy on Friday to rethink how the Giants will use their personnel for the rest of the season.

"We'll decide who we want to play when," Sabean said in a conference call with reporters. He indicated, though, that his impact will be felt in any decision, and that Bochy won't have to shoulder all the responsibility for whatever changes are made. "I'll be more active in that area to take pressure off him," Sabean said.

This finally should mean more activity at shortstop for Emmanuel Burriss, as Bochy has promised, and fellow rookie Ivan Ochoa. Burriss and Ochoa each have started just three games since the All-Star break.

Burriss, Ochoa and Eugenio Velez are likely to share time at second base, although Bochy has said that Velez would receive most of the playing time.

Sabean insisted that he tried to make another trade to pair with the July 20 swap of second baseman Ray Durham to Milwaukee for outfielder Darren Ford and left-hander Steve Hammond, both Minor Leaguers. He said that he maintained talks with other GMs "last night, early this morning and right before the Deadline ... We were in on a lot of conversations until the end."

Sabean said that he wasn't disappointed by being shut out, expressing belief that the Giants will be able to sneak players they want to trade through waivers, a procedure which is now required.

"We're confident that this is an ongoing process," Sabean said. "It's not like our players aren't going to get through waivers."

If Sabean's correct -- although the plethora of remaining contenders indicates that numerous deals could get blocked by waiver claims -- this means that Aurilia, Vizquel, left-hander Jack Taschner, right fielder Randy Winn and even catcher Bengie Molina remain vulnerable and available.

The sizable pack of teams searching for a lefty reliever passed over Taschner and his 2.95 ERA. Reports that Molina could be headed to the Yankees or Florida Marlins proved untrue. Aurilia was mentioned in only one rumor, involving the Minnesota Twins. "I'm surprised there was no interest," Sabean said, referring to Aurilia. "We did all the work and there was no interest."

Ideally, the Giants wanted to acquire a young player who had Major League experience and could contribute for multiple seasons -- paralleling their 2005 deal with Seattle for Winn.

"It was a nice thought," Sabean said. "But we before the last couple of days it wasn't going to happen."

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