Affeldt to keep knee brace for now

Affeldt to keep knee brace for now

MIAMI -- Many players might regard a knee brace as an impediment. Jeremy Affeldt considers his a possible supplement.

Therefore, Affeldt might continue to pitch indefinitely with the brace that he began wearing after he recovered from a sprained right knee that put him on the disabled list from April 28 to May 13.

"Right now, I'm going to wear it until they tell me not to," Affeldt said Friday. "If it becomes a part of my uniform, it becomes a part of my uniform."

Affeldt has performed better since donning the brace. He owned a 4.09 ERA in 10 appearances, having yielded 15 hits in 10 innings, when he went on the DL. Entering Friday, he had not been scored upon and hadn't allowed a hit in five innings spanning five outings since returning.

"My knee feels more stable with it on. I might as well just wear it," Affeldt said. "It could be a situation like soccer players. They feel more stable when they're playing with it on, even though their knees don't hurt any more."