Romo gets new 'do from Marlins' barber

Romo gets new 'do from Marlins' barber

MIAMI -- Sergio Romo looked almost unrecognizable Thursday.

Gone were the thick head of hair, the flowing sideburns and the bushy beard. The new-look Romo had close-cropped hair topped by a fake Mohawk (widely known as a "fauxhawk"), much trimmer sideburns (though they still went from ear to ear in "chinstrap" fashion) and barely more than a goatee sprouting from his chin.

Romo knew that he wanted the Marlins' visiting clubhouse barber, known to many as Hugo, to cut his hair. The right-hander trusted Hugo so much that he allowed him free rein.

"'I'm going to walk in and you determine how I walk out,'" Romo said he told Hugo.

Romo was planning to put up a post-haircut photograph on Twitter later on Thursday.

"It'll be fun to see the response I get," he said.

What does his wife think?

"We'll find out," Romo said.