Arias a jack-of-all-trades

Arias a jack-of-all-trades

SAN FRANCISCO -- Joaquin Arias signed a Minor League contract with the Giants because his agent, Jeff Correira, thought it was the best chance to get back to the Majors.

The Giants signed him because of his versatility. Arias has played every infield position, though he prefers shortstop.

"But you can put me anywhere and I will play," Arias said. "I have four gloves. My first baseman's mitt is on the way."

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said he would not hesitate to use Arias at first base in a double-switch situation.

"He's defintely an option," Bochy said. "He can handle that quite well."

Arias is expected to get most of his playing time at second base, and to give Brandon Crawford a rest on occassion at shortstop.