Posey feeling better, back in Giants' lineup

Posey feeling better, back in Giants' lineup

DENVER -- After spending much of his spring testing various aspects of his game as he returned from a season-ending leg injury incurred last May, catcher Buster Posey finds himself facing yet another test with his return to the lineup for Thursday's series finale with the Rockies.

Posey sat out Wednesday's middle game as he recovered from a case of shingles, first diagnosed Sunday. The dormant virus, which originates when a person has chicken pox and can resurface years later, can take weeks to resolve itself, but if caught early, the worst symptoms can be staved off.

"I feel pretty good today," Posey said. "We caught it quick. I started the anti-virals right when I saw it pop up."

Posey took batting practice Wednesday and didn't feel like the virus, which in his case was located on his left side, was affecting his swing. Manager Bruce Bochy said he would have the head athletic trainer keep in touch with Posey as the game progressed to ensure he still feels good behind the pate.

"I'll have Dave Groeschner do that for me," Bochey said. "[Posey] feels like it's getting better and he's coming around with this virus. He's good to go."