Lincecum flashes Gold Glove form

Lincecum flashes Gold Glove form

PHOENIX -- Tim Lincecum already has won Cy Young Awards and made All-Star teams. His performances through the years suggest that he could add another honor to his resume: a Gold Glove Award for fielding excellence.

A play Lincecum made in Friday's season opener conjured this possibility. He mishandled a Chris Young comebacker in the fifth inning. Yet Lincecum maintained enough presence of mind and summoned enough dexterity to backhand the ball to first base, where Brandon Belt neatly grabbed the one-hop toss for the inning's final out.

Lincecum seems to make a handful of arresting plays like this each year.

"I'll get something weird in there," Lincecum acknowledged Sunday.

Yet he's never mentioned as a Gold Glove candidate. He pointed out that the follow-through of his pitching motion carries him off the mound and slightly toward first base, which frequently prevents him from making routine plays.

"I think what keeps me out of the running, if I had to say anything, is the fact that I'm not a guy who gets to the defensive position quickly," Lincecum said. "I'm not balanced enough to make the play unless the ball's going my way or it hits me. I'm not a guy like [St. Louis' Adam] Wainwright, guys who follow through and they're already ready to field the ball."