Pill comes through with pinch-hit homer

Pill comes through with pinch-hit homer

PHOENIX -- You might say that Brett Pill gave it the old college try Saturday.

Pill said that he received plenty of pinch-hitting activity as a freshman at Cal State-Fullerton. Thus, despite spending his six professional seasons as a regular, he knows how to prepare himself to leave the bench and swing the bat.

"I keep busy in the [batting] cage," Pill said.

This trait served Pill and the Giants well, as he batted for Dan Otero in the seventh inning and lined Daniel Hudson's 0-1 pitch into the left-field seats for a two-run homer. That trimmed the Giants' deficit to 5-4, but the score froze there.

"[Hudson] threw a first-pitch slider and I kind of looked pretty dumb on it," Pill said. "So I figured he'd throw another one and I guessed right. He really hung that one."