Sandoval OK with emergency catcher duty

Sandoval OK with emergency catcher duty

PHOENIX -- Pablo Sandoval will tolerate serving as the Giants' emergency catcher. That's the diplomatic way of describing his feelings about the situation.

Sandoval caught extensively in the Minor Leagues but hasn't squatted behind the plate for the Giants since May 8, 2009. Asked what he has missed about catching, Sandoval replied, "Nothing." He also warned, "If I catch here, the next day I'm going to be super-sore."

Nevertheless, Sandoval remained willing to help the team in any way possible, which he confirmed during a chat with manager Bruce Bochy.

"If he needs me, I'm there," Sandoval said. "I'm fine with that."

Entering his fourth full Major League season, Sandoval caught 176 games in the Minors but only 14 in 455 appearances with the Giants.