Bochy in favor of instant replay

Bochy in favor of instant replay

MIAMI -- Count Giants manager Bruce Bochy in when it comes to instant replay.

The question of whether umpires should consult with instant replay has been a hot-button issue with several high-profile home runs that have been called improperly this season. Bochy would like to see that option implemented in the Major Leagues.

"I think it'd be a good idea," Bochy said. "There are a lot of big calls in the game. I don't think any hitter wants a home run taken away from them, and no pitcher wants them to call a home run when it actually isn't."

There has been talk that the Major Leagues may experiment with instant replay in the Arizona Fall League. ESPN reported that if it works out, instant replay will continue to be used next March during the World Baseball Classic and eventually Spring Training games. Then, if no problems arise, baseball could begin using instant replay to decide home run calls as soon as 2009.

Bochy said that's especially important in today's game.

"It's so tricky now with all the ballparks and the different dimensions," Bochy said. "[The umpires are] not enough. They can't always pick it up. You have all these quirks that make it so difficult. I can't tell sometimes, and players can't tell sometimes.

"I believe it's the way to go. You want to get it right."

A situation like that arose in the ballpark Bochy finds himself in this weekend. At Dolphin Stadium, first baseman Mike Jacobs hit a ball that appeared to go over the fence in right-center on May 7, but it bounced back after it hit a pole right above the wall. Jacobs was eventually given a ground-rule double, even though the rule said it was a home run.

There have also been two instances in Yankee Stadium -- one with the Mets' Carlos Delgado and the other with the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez -- when home runs have been called foul or doubles.

"I've kidded about this that you should be able to throw a flag like in football," Bochy said. "But I don't want to see it in everything. You want to keep the pace of the game the way it is."

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