Giants a good choice for Hensley

Giants a good choice for Hensley

Giants a good choice for Hensley
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Clay Hensley had many suitors, but the Giants were most attractive.

Hensley, a veteran of six Major League seasons, said that he drew interest from 11 or 12 teams before signing with the Giants as a free agent on Jan. 26. Hensley commanded this attention despite recording an inflated 5.19 ERA in 37 appearances with Florida last year. By contrast, the right-hander posted a 2.16 ERA in 68 games for Florida in 2010.

"It was such an injury-riddled season last year," said Hensley, who hurt his shoulder blade while slipping on stairs at a Cincinnati hotel in late April.

A Giants draftee (eighth round, 2002) who pitched for manager Bruce Bochy when both were with the San Diego Padres in 2005-06, Hensley felt comfortable with a return to San Francisco.

"I figured it'd be a good place to bounce back, especially having already worked with Boch and having that familiarity," Hensley said. "I was kind of thinking of being with a ballclub that's going to win some ballgames."

Hensley has weathered the predictable round of questions about yielding Barry Bonds' 755th home run on Aug. 4, 2007. That tied Bonds with Hank Aaron on the all-time list.

"It's just one of those things that kind of goes down, obviously," Hensley said. "You don't want to be the guy, but it ends up happening. It wasn't the first and it wasn't the last."