Missing Giants fan turns up in Los Angeles

Missing Giants fan turns up in Los Angeles

Missing Giants fan turns up in Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- Billy Chamberlain, the homeless Giants fan whose disappearance prompted considerable concern among the ballclub, is alive and well ... and still living on the street.

Chamberlain, a fixture at AT&T Park who hadn't been seen for more than a month, materialized Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, where he has occasionally visited. He occupied his usual pregame spot, perched outside the main parking lot gate.

"Everybody was worried about him," right-hander Guillermo Mota said.

"It's good to know that he's healthy and doing fine," manager Bruce Bochy said.

Believers in karma linked the Giants' nosediving fortunes in August and much of September to Chamberlain's vanishing.

"We're still blaming our little skid on him," Bochy jokingly said.

Chamberlain delivered vague responses when asked why he left Northern California without a trace in early August.

"I just decided it was time," he said. "I had been there -- three years?"

Chamberlain was unaware that a missing persons report on him had been filed but said he was aware that many people within the Giants organization were worried about him. He said he tried to tell security guards at the Giants' team hotel in San Diego to inform traveling secretary Michael King and senior vice president of communications Staci Slaughter that he was OK. Apparently, there was a communications breakdown. Oddly, Chamberlain also declined to resurface when the Giants played at San Diego, another road city where he previously has surfaced, from Sept. 5-7.

"I'm fine," affirmed Chamberlain, sporting a 2010 world champions cap and a FSN Bay Area jacket that broadcaster Duane Kuiper gave him.