Frandsen still upbeat despite injury

Frandsen still upbeat despite injury

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Eternally upbeat, Giants infielder Kevin Frandsen wasn't about to let a ruptured left Achilles tendon ruin his spirit.

Frandsen underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination Tuesday that confirmed his injury. A detailed time frame for Frandsen's recovery won't be known until after he undergoes surgery, which hasn't been scheduled, but he's expected to be sidelined for five to six months, which would wipe out his 2008 season.

Nevertheless, Frandsen remained positive in the wake of his injury, which occurred on Monday as he was rounding second base in a Minor League exhibition. As many Giants fans know, this is the same Frandsen who endured losing his beloved brother, D.J., to cancer.

"I think I've dealt with enough in my life that this is nothing," said Frandsen, who used crutches and wore a walking boot on his left foot. "There's a lot worse things going on in this world, and my perspective's always been that way. I'm a privileged individual by being able to play this game. If you're injured playing this sport and it's not life-threatening, it happens."

Frandsen entered this season with a legitimate shot at winning the second base job. Yet, he managed to look forward, despite having his season end so suddenly.

"As hungry as I was this year, I wonder what it'll be like in another year," he said.

Frandsen, who hadn't appeared in an exhibition game since March 16, before trying to test his foot, refused to second-guess the Giants' athletic training staff or himself for coming back too quickly. If anything, he sounded almost fatalistic, saying that he didn't think that the injury could have been avoided.

"If we had waited another couple of weeks, it probably would have blown out in the middle of a game, while I'm rounding second going to third and I'm the winning run," said Frandsen, whose foot had nagged him since early March. "I'd be tagged out and we'd lose. I think it was bound to happen."

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