MRI shows Beltran has strained wrist

MRI shows Beltran has strained wrist

MRI shows Beltran has strained wrist
SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants right fielder Carlos Beltran was not in Monday night's starting lineup against the Pirates, and an MRI taken before the game revealed a right wrist strain suffered in Sunday's 3-1 win over the Phillies.

Beltran felt his hand flare up on his last swing of Sunday's game and left before the eighth inning. X-rays taken Sunday came back negative, and Monday's MRI revealed inflammation and slight strains in two areas of Beltran's right hand and wrist. Beltran doesn't have any structural damage, but he is day to day and didn't know whether he would be able to play Tuesday night against the Pirates.

"As soon as I feel like I can swing the bat, I will be out there," Beltran said. "There's injuries that allow you to go out there and be under control, but the wrist -- swinging the bat, that's a huge part of the game, and throwing the ball is a huge part of the game."

Beltran said he underwent treatment about six or seven times Monday, and he hopes to take some simulated swings Tuesday to test his wrist. If he feels good after that, he said, he will play.

The veteran outfielder said his wrist wasn't that sore when he left AT&T Park on Sunday, but it was far worse when he woke up Monday morning. After treating it Monday afternoon, he had enough range of motion to do some lifting and weight-room workouts, but the training staff didn't want Beltran to hit or throw.

Taking the MRI mostly as a precautionary measure, Beltran said he wasn't concerned about a long-term injury.

"I took some X-rays yesterday after the game, and everything came out negative, so I wasn't thinking that anything was going to be wrong," Beltran said. "I knew I had a little bit of inflammation in the hand, but when the results came, the doctor said that everything looked good -- tendon, ligament, everything was great. It was just inflammation and a little bit of a strain in those two areas."

While Beltran does have a history of injuries, he said Sunday that he had never experienced any trouble with his right hand or wrist.

"We don't think it's serious, but we needed to get it checked out," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said before Monday's 5-0 loss. "Just a little sore, and we're getting ready to go on the road, so it just makes sense to go ahead and get this over with. We don't want to be kicking ourselves if we hit the road and we didn't get it checked out. Since he's not playing today, go ahead and get an MRI done to make sure there's nothing going on."