Bochy responds to radio host's harsh remarks

Bochy responds to radio host's harsh remarks

Bochy responds to radio host's harsh remarks
SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants manager Bruce Bochy delivered a calm but critical response Sunday to comments from a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host who called him a "coward," the team "gutless" and right-hander Ramon Ramirez an "illegal alien."

Philadelphia-based broadcaster Tony Bruno, an acknowledged fan of that city's sports teams, reacted angrily to Friday night's Phillies-Giants brawl in the form of a remark on Twitter. Ramirez hit Shane Victorino with a sixth-inning pitch, prompting the melee.

"gutless #!@%*# Giants," Bruno posted. "Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy since mighty Frisco boys..."

Bruno quickly removed the comment. But, given the nature of today's Internet, it had already been widely disseminated.

Asked for his reaction, Bochy said he didn't know who Bruno was, then jokingly added, "I guess I called Ramirez on the cell phone when he was on the mound."

Turning serious, Bochy said, "Forget the remarks about me. That's doesn't bother me. But for a guy to make a racist comment like that and have the ear of so many people, yeah, that bothers me. I can defend myself as a coward, but I don't know if you can defend yourself making a racist comment."

Bruno apologized for his Tweet on his Facebook page but maintained his stance regarding Bochy.

"I did remove my post and apologize for my comments regarding illegal aliens," he wrote. "I was angry and on the air and I stand behind my comments that Bruce Bochy is a coward, as are all managers who order pitchers to throw at guys just because their pitchers can't get a guy out. All of you people resorting to name calling are more classless and vile."

Ramirez, a native of the Dominican Republic who possesses a working visa that allows him to play organized baseball in the United States, told The Associated Press and a Spanish-speaking reporter, "I'm not interested in what [Bruno] thinks about me. I'm not interested in what he has to say. I don't need to pay attention to what he has to say about me. A lot of people say things about me. I know who I am. How would I be able to work here if I were an illegal? He put it on the Internet? I can't believe that."

Until recently, Bruno was a longtime daily guest with Gary Radnich, the midmorning host on Giants flagship station KNBR (680 AM). A shuffling of assignments ended Bruno's participation on that show, but his "Into the Night" program remains part of the weeknight lineup on KNBR's partner station on a different frequency.