Sabean open to trading for 'difference-maker'

Sabean open to trading for 'difference-maker'

Sabean open to trading for 'difference-maker'
SAN FRANCISCO -- Departing from his standard operating procedure, Giants general manager Brian Sabean indicated Thursday that he would consider trading for players who will become eligible for free agency after this season.

"You have to, because of the situation we're in," Sabean said.

The situation involves unique factors. The Giants are reigning World Series champions and are striving to return to the postseason. Their stable of relatively young and exceedingly talented pitchers gives them a window of opportunity to remain contenders for several years. Their numerous injuries have left them with needs at multiple positions. They're drawing sellout crowds daily to AT&T Park, so they seem to be able to accommodate a high-salaried player.

But, as Sabean said, "You have to be pretty sure that that 'rental' is a difference-maker."

Normally, a remark such as this would revive the Jose Reyes trade rumors. But the Mets shortstop is currently on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left hamstring.

Sabean estimated that he has spoken with about 15 teams but isn't close to reaching a deal with any. One factor is the tightly bunched standings in both leagues, generating a plethora of aspiring contenders.

"People are still trying to figure out what's in their best interests," Sabean said.