Bochy pondering All-Star selections

Bochy pondering All-Star selections

CHICAGO -- Managing the National League All-Stars is a privilege for Bruce Bochy, but not a preoccupation.

Bochy said Thursday, three days before starters and reserves for the July 12 Midsummer Classic will be announced, that he has tried to be prudent while dividing his attention between running the Giants and studying lists of All-Star candidates. For the last few days, Bochy has devoted postgame time to pondering potential All-Stars, with input from Katy Feeney, Major League Baseball's senior vice president who's involved largely with NL matters.

Before games, Bochy remains all about the Giants.

"I'm not letting [the All-Star Game] be a distraction," Bochy said.

Interestingly, Bochy said that he has heard from only one manager who lobbied for a player from his club to be selected.