Huff flashes leather in Giants' Game 1 win

Huff flashes leather in Giants' Game 1 win

Huff flashes leather in Giants' Game 1 win
CHICAGO -- An unsung hero of the Giants' 13-7 victory Tuesday afternoon over the Cubs was first baseman Aubrey Huff, who contributed a pair of deft defensive plays.

With Alfonzo Soriano on second base and one out in the fourth inning, Koyie Hill hit a swinging bunt up the first-base line. Ryan Vogelsong fielded the ball and threw low to Huff, who faced a difficult task in following the ball as Hill approached first base. But Huff made the grab, hoisting his glove afterward to show the umpire that he had the ball.

Considerable credit for that play belonged to Vogelsong, said Giants bench coach Ron Wotus, who coordinates the team's infield defense.

"Vogey did a nice job throwing it on the inside of the runner," Wotus said. "If that throw's not made there, then you're going to have problems with the runner coming into play."

With Aramis Ramirez at first base and nobody out in the seventh inning, Carlos Pena hit a chopper that third baseman Pablo Sandoval charged and fielded. Sandoval flung a hard, low throw to Huff, who executed the shortest of short-hop pickups for the out. A run ultimately scored, but a potential big inning was avoided.

"You don't have a lot of reaction time, so it's a heck of a play," Wotus said.

For good measure, Huff drove in runs with a first-inning single and a fifth-inning sacrifice fly.