Bochy plans to mostly use Belt off bench

Bochy plans to mostly use Belt off bench

MILWAUKEE -- Brandon Belt was the Giants' Opening Day first baseman, but struggled and was sent back to the Minor Leagues.

Now, he's returned, but his role will be different, manager Bruce Bochy said Friday.

"I'm going to use him off the bench, [and with] double switches," Bochy said. "He'll get some starts in the outfield or at first base. We're in a pretty good stretch here of consecutive games. I'll try to get him in there wherever I can."

Belt played mostly in the outfield for Triple-A Fresno, where he hit .337 in 31 games.

"It gives us an option," Bochy said.

The Giants manager acknowledged it would be nice for Belt to get plenty of playing time in the Minors rather than play occasionally in the big leagues. But the team's injuries gave them little choice but to recall him from Fresno.

"We needed Brandon," he said. "When you've got the number of injuries we've had, the inventory gets a lot smaller, too. Sometimes you're not allowed to leave him there to get his three or four at-bats a day."