Posey's strikeout sends bat flying

Posey's strikeout sends bat flying

Posey's strikeout sends bat flying
LOS ANGELES -- The top of the seventh inning ended wildly Friday night for the San Francisco Giants, as well as for a group of fans seated near the Los Angeles Dodgers dugout.

Buster Posey struck out swinging with the bases loaded and two outs on a full-count sinker from Dodgers reliever Blake Hawksworth. Except this wasn't any ordinary swing that Posey took.

The reigning National League Rookie of the Year lost his grip on the bat, which flew into the stands just beyond the outermost left edge of the backstop. Instead of cheering the out that ended the threat and preserved Los Angeles' 4-3 lead -- which proved to be the final score -- many fans booed Posey in the apparent yet odd belief that he had intentionally flung his bat and endangered the spectators.

Nobody seemed to be harmed, which became clear when a fan stood and drew cheers when he triumphantly brandished Posey's bat.

Nor was Posey embarrassed.

"That's something I've always done," he said.

This could be expected from Posey, who frequently finishes his swing with just his left hand gripping the bat. Patrons occupying field-level seats may consider themselves warned.