Giants stay course entering potential clincher

Giants stay course entering potential clincher

SAN FRANCISCO -- As San Franciscans watch Thursday's Game 5 of the National League Championship Series, they will no doubt be sitting on the edge of their seats in the hopes of celebrating the Giants' first trip to the World Series since 2002.

Although fans are anxious for what could potentially follow Thursday's game, center fielder Aaron Rowand said the Giants aren't looking ahead and are well aware of how quickly the tide in the series could change.

"You can look across the way over there and see the kind of talent they have in that locker room -- the kind of talent they can run off 10 straight wins, regardless of who is pitching," Rowand said. "That's the kind of talent they have on that team. And to get ahead of yourself because you're up two games and only need to win one would be a mistake."

Rowand, who spent two seasons in Philadelphia, said the Phillies' offense has the ability to score off anybody -- whether it's Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain or, if it were a different scenario, Roy Halladay.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said the players have done a great job thus far of relaxing and staying within themselves. He also said that needs to continue, because they haven't won anything yet.

"You have to forget the bigness of it and go out there and play, and these guys have done a great job of that," Bochy said. "We've had a lot of big games down the stretch in September. ... They're all big games, but you just have to keep going out there and do the same thing you've been doing."