Postgame interview with Cody Ross

Postgame interview with Cody Ross

Q. Could you go through the home run pitch you hit to break up the no hitter? And then the whatever the pitch from Venters later for the game winning hit?

San Francisco Giants

CODY ROSS: Derek was outstanding tonight. He wasn't making any mistakes. Our game plan going in was to try to get his pitch count up and try to work him and try to get him out of the game early. He wasn't having it. He was going in, pounding the zone and pitched an outstanding game. So after my first at bat, he made me look pretty bad. I just went up there and said I'm going to try to be aggressive and look for something to hit early. And right before that, actually, Edgar Renteria told me: Cody, get your foot down. You're not getting your foot down. And I went and watched my video after my bat. And he was right, I wasn't. So I tried to get it down early, got a pitch I could handle and luckily got some good wood on it.

Q. The pitch said it was 85. Do you know what kind of pitch it was?

CODY ROSS: I'm going to say it was like a slider or maybe a little cutter. But all I saw was just a ball up in the zone, and I just took a swing at it. Like I said, luckily got some good wood on it.

Q. What does this mean to you coming to a team late in the season, not knowing how much you would play, and then getting this opportunity in the postseason and responding the way you have?

CODY ROSS: Yeah, it's been an emotional roller coaster for me. You know, a month and a half ago I didn't think I'd be sitting here talking to you right now. You know, I'm so happy that I'm getting the opportunity to do it. When I got over here, I knew this outfield situation, I knew there were going to be a lot of guys trying to fill in. Bochy was great about trying to get guys in and get playing time. You know, there were a lot of guys that are used to playing every day over here, and we all kind of put our egos aside, and, you know, decided that we had one goal in mind and that was to win. You know, put the personal stats and personal everything aside and let's go for it. I think that's why we're in the position we're at. Obviously, our pitching is outstanding. We only scored a few runs to win the series, but to be able to have a team that there's a lot of new faces around and be able to do what we've done, it just goes to show what kind of team we are.

Q. You had a lot of success against the Braves and you faced them a lot when you were with the Marlins. This is your most memorable moment against them, I'm sure.

CODY ROSS: Oh, absolutely. I mean, I remember when I first came here, I loved coming to this stadium. It was always electric, and a great place to play. You have to take your hat off and give it to the Braves for the outstanding season they had, to be able to be where they're at and battle through a ton of injuries, you know, to do it for Bobby to get to the playoffs. He's one of my favorite managers. Playing against him I got the chance to play against him for five years, but always loved coming in here and when he came to Florida. I would always say hello to him. Not only is Atlanta going to miss him, but the baseball community will.

Q. This is your first celebration of a victory in the postseason. Is this what you anticipated, better, or what?

CODY ROSS: I mean, it doesn't get old (smiling). I can understand why guys that's all they want to do. Doesn't matter what kind of season you have, all you want to do is get to the postseason. I'm so thankful to be able to be here and have the opportunity to go through it, especially with this group of guys. They're an outstanding group, and it's been a fun ride so far.

Q. It seems like once you got here, did you kind of have 24 new best friends, just the closeness of that clubhouse and what it means to get here?

CODY ROSS: Yeah, playing against them for years, that kind of helps. It's not like you're a rookie going to a new team and you see a whole group of new faces. I mean, I knew a lot of the guys coming in. It helped. It helped that I play golf with some of them in the off season. As soon as I got over, I went to every one of the starters and told them I'm glad I don't have to face you guys anymore, because they're filthy, and then obviously I walked around to all the bullpen as well. Obviously that's the reason we're here. These guys are our backbone. They've been outstanding. It was nice. They welcomed me all with open arms and told me they were glad that I was there, and it's been awesome so far.