Giants sticking with consistent lineup

Giants sticking with consistent lineup

SAN FRANCISCO -- After using 126 different lineups during the regular season, Giants manager Bruce Bochy apparently has settled on a regular contingent for the National League Division Series against Atlanta.

For Friday's Game 2, Bochy used the group that he sent out in Thursday's 1-0 series-opening victory over the Braves.

"It's pretty much the lineup that we'll be going with," Bochy said before the game. "That's what we decided before the series."

The Giants will face only right-handed starting pitchers against the Braves, making Bochy more likely to stick with the same bunch each game.

Bochy welcomed being spared from the preoccupation of settling on a batting order and selecting players for various positions.

"It probably makes it a little bit easier when you know pretty much what your lineup's going to be," Bochy said. "We still discuss our options. But ... it takes away that distraction from some other things that you may be thinking about. Coming in today, I knew that was my lineup and I was able to focus on some other things."