Bochy praises Giants' team chemistry

Bochy praises Giants' team chemistry

SAN FRANCISCO -- How much team chemistry affects winning in sports is an age-old question.

And although Bruce Bochy doesn't exactly know how to describe how the two things connect, the Giants skipper does know the 2010 Giants are among the best he's ever managed in that regard.

"It's as good of a club as I've ever had, that's what I think of the group that we have," Bochy said. "They've coalesced into a bunch of guys that have one agenda, and that's to win and that was to get to the postseason."

Bochy said he does believe winning helps the chemistry within a clubhouse. How chemistry builds, however, is a tricky thing. A lot of it has to deal with the personalities on the roster. Bochy said a key component for the Giants has been a good mix of veterans and youngsters who come to the park each day with one goal in mind.

"They do a great job of holding each other accountable and playing the game right and playing the game hard," Bochy said. "Winning certainly does reinforce that. And I think everybody in that clubhouse knew that we were a good club, that this was a club that could get into the postseason if we did things in the right way. They made sure that each of us did do that. They came in prepared every day."