Guillen back in action after epidural

Guillen back in action after epidural

SAN FRANCISCO -- One day after receiving an epidural shot for a bulging disk in his neck, Jose Guillen was back in the Giants' lineup Thursday, batting seventh and playing right field.

Guillen said the neck pain had been lingering, but after Sunday's game in San Diego he decided the pain was too much to bear.

"Something was bothering me for the past two weeks," Guillen said. "I finally had to say, 'That's it.' I had to stop being a tough guy."

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Guillen was excited in the difference he felt in his neck. Guillen has struggled since being acquired by the Giants on Aug. 13, hitting .280 with one home run and seven RBIs in 26 games. He also had especially struggled of late -- getting only eight hits in his last 44 at-bats -- but Bochy hopes the treatment can revive Guillen.

"He's a tough guy; he really wasn't saying how much it was bothering him," Bochy said. "But we gave him a day and now he's feeling better, stronger and we're hoping he stays that way."