Taschner joins rival Dodgers

Taschner joins rival Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- Jack Taschner has played with three organizations since he and the Giants parted ways in Spring Training of 2009. But opposing San Francisco suddenly felt a little strange to Taschner, now that the left-hander is pitching for their archrival.

"Definitely, for me, it's a whole new experience," said Taschner, the newest Los Angeles Dodgers reliever whose contract was purchased from Triple-A Albuquerque on Wednesday. "It was weird shagging [during] batting practice and not getting called names. It'll be really weird not to get booed coming out of the bullpen. I spent a long time in a Giants uniform, so it's a big change."

Taschner said that hating the Dodgers was part of the culture during his 10 seasons in the Giants organization (1999-2008). "All the way from instructional league to Triple-A," he said.

Visiting Dodger Stadium with a team other than the Giants just isn't the same, Taschner admitted. The volume of the verbal abuse is much softer.

"Sitting down there in the bullpen with a Phillies uniform on was nothing like sitting down there with a Giants uniform on," Taschner said. "It wasn't even the same ballpark. I had to explain to the guys what it was like to be a Giant in Dodger Stadium."