Bochy credits catching for spotting 'the visit'

Bochy credits catching for spotting 'the visit'

LOS ANGELES -- Bruce Bochy acknowledged that his background as a Major League catcher raised his consciousness about baseball's rules, which the Giants manager proved Tuesday by recognizing immediately that acting Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had erred by turning back toward the pitcher's mound, constituting a second visit.

"There's a saying, 'You can't lose the mound,'" Bochy said Wednesday. "As a catcher, I can remember coming to the dugout and then going to the mound; that really constitutes a visit. If you get your shinguard fixed and you go right to the mound, they can charge you with a visit."

Bochy, who has been in professional baseball since 1975, said that he reviews the rulebook "every now and then" to refresh his memory.

"You have to remind yourself to highlight certain rules," he said.

Not all of Bochy's players shared his acumen. He recalled that one Major League catcher who played for him visited the pitcher to adjust his mask and was warned by an umpire that doing so again would result in a trip to the mound being charged.