Posey's alertness big boost to Giants

Posey's alertness big boost to Giants

LOS ANGELES -- Buster Posey isn't just talented. He's also observant.

The Giants rookie may have helped prompt an eighth-inning ruling Monday night that ended a Dodgers rally before it started.

With two outs and Matt Kemp on first base, Ronnie Belliard apparently reached base safely by striking out on what seemed to be a wild pitch by Giants left-hander Jeremy Affeldt. This would have brought the potential tying run to the plate for Los Angeles.

But Posey quickly alerted plate umpire Mike Everitt about what caused the ball to carom oddly off his catcher's mask.

"I just said that the ball hit [Belliard's] foot," Posey said Tuesday.

Because the pitch struck Belliard, it was a dead ball and not a wild pitch, though Posey admitted, "I wasn't 100 percent certain on the rule."

Everitt apparently suspected that Posey was correct about the ball hitting Belliard, because he met briefly with the other umpires before making the out call that ended the inning.