After review, Bochy feels stronger on replay

After review, Bochy feels stronger on replay

LOS ANGELES -- After watching umpire Phil Cuzzi's judgment deny the Giants Sunday's winning run against the New York Mets, manager Bruce Bochy feels a little more inclined to support an expanded instant replay system.

"I've been a proponent -- not a real strong one, but a little bit stronger now -- of reviewing a call or two a game," Bochy said Monday.

Bochy admitted that he couldn't suggest specifics about implementing a revised replay plan. But he proposed a creative way for managers to signal that they want a play examined. Borrowing from the custom of NFL coaches to throw a red handkerchief when they request a replay, Bochy playfully said, "We [can] have a special baseball to throw out there."

Bochy added, "I'm sure that on certain calls, the umpires wouldn't mind it, either."

As an example, Bochy cited Jim Joyce's now-famous blown call on what would have been the final out of Detroit right-hander Armando Galarraga's perfect game last month. "I'm sure Jimmy had a tough time getting over that," Bochy said.