Molina weighs in on Giants experience

Molina weighs in on Giants experience

DENVER -- Bengie Molina immediately showed the Texas Rangers and their fans what he's all about.

Molina, traded from the Giants to the Rangers this week, spoke eloquently of his San Francisco experience upon joining his new team on Friday.

"When I was with the Giants, I became a brother. I became a father, sometimes," said Molina, one of only three two-time winners of the "Willie Mac" Award as the Giants' most inspirational player. "I became a guy who took aside a lot of the young kids and talked to them about not only baseball, but life itself. And how difficult it is out there. I don't think I do it to show off, it just comes out natural for me. That's the person I am."

Molina, who spent three and a half seasons with the Giants, sounded as if he already had overcome the shock of the trade. The Giants pursued the deal since it gave catcher Buster Posey the opportunity to play more frequently and because it brought them two potentially useful pitchers, reliever Chris Ray and starting prospect Michael Main.

"You've got to turn the page, because they didn't want you there," Molina told reporters who cover the Rangers. "I'm not necessarily talking about the players, but the ownership and GM obviously traded me. You've got to turn the page and you've got to see the positives. The positive is we're in first place and we're trying to win the whole thing. I'm just coming here to help. That's the way you've got to see it."

Molina acknowledged the awkwardness of joining a team he knew little about.

"At the same time, when I got to the Giants, I didn't really know any of them," he said. "I was kind of in the same situation. They were depending a lot on me and all that, so I take it the same way. I'm up for the challenge."