Posey could continue Bumgarner pairing

Posey could continue Bumgarner pairing

SAN FRANCISCO -- The battery of catcher Buster Posey and left-hander Madison Bumgarner on Saturday night had a future-has-arrived feel to it, and Giants manager Bruce Bochy hinted after the game that the club's top two prospects could form a duo from here on out.

For the past week, Bochy has said he wants to find more time behind the plate for Posey, the club's 2008 first-round Draft pick. With Bumgarner -- the Giants' 2007 first-round pick -- recalled to San Francisco on Saturday, Bochy said he could pair the two rookies.

On Sunday, Bochy said he was impressed with Bumgarner's start, especially after hearing the youngster admitted to leaning on his fastball too much.

"He wanted to establish his fastball and the command of it and he was a little hyped up, but you learn from that," Bochy said. "Madison, it's good that he's looking back [asking], 'What could I have done differently?'"

Bochy also said he was impressed with the Posey's game-calling.

"I thought he did a nice job," Bochy said. "It's tough when Madison was probably a little hyped up and pitching behind; that's tough for a catcher. But after he settled down, they really were in sync."