Alou no longer working with KNBR

Alou no longer working with KNBR

SAN FRANCISCO -- Felipe Alou said on Saturday that he will no longer participate in his pregame chat with KNBR Radio, the flagship station of the Giants. The announcement came two days after the 70-year-old manager was exposed to a racist comment made by one of the station's personalities.

Late Wednesday night, Larry Krueger voiced frustration about the team's play. Among the comments he made was that the Giants are a team of "brain-dead Caribbean hitters hacking at slop nightly."

Krueger apologized for his rant on the air on Thursday and tried to do the same in person to Alou on Friday, but the manager would not see him.

"He came to apologize to me and I said, 'You have to be kidding me,' " said Alou of Krueger, who was suspended for a week without pay by the station for his comments.

"If I accepted that, then the Latins would never forgive me," continued Alou. "What this individual did ... he did not just put down the Latin players, he put down all of the Caribbeans. All of these people have been offended by this idiot. This guy offended hundreds of millions of people."

The manager, who as a player nearly 50 years ago faced racism in the South, was also not satisfied with the punishment issued to Krueger, calling it a "slap on the hand."

Alou's son Moises was also offended by the comment and admitted on Saturday that he refused to do a radio interview the day before because he was upset and didn't want to say the wrong thing.

Krueger will not return to the radio until Aug. 15. Because he is a host and not an announcer, the Giants have no control over the punishment that he receives.

"People who haven't suffered racism and never will don't understand the seriousness of it," said the senior Alou.

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